Eating habits that lighten tooth enamel

Eating habits that lighten tooth enamel

Good oral care, regular dental cleanings, and professional teeth whitening are the best ways to achieve whiter teeth. However, did you know that certain foods might help you whiten your teeth? Here is a list of foods to include in your diet for a happy and healthy mouth.


Malic acid is in strawberries. This acid is thought to have bleaching capabilities, which could aid in the lightening of discolored teeth. In patients who suffer from dry mouth, malic acid can help them produce more saliva. By washing away food and debris, saliva protects teeth from decay, a typical cause of discoloration.


Malic acid is higher in watermelon than in strawberries. Malic acid may help whiten your teeth and increase saliva production. Watermelon’s fibrous structure, according to some, washes your teeth and helps erase stains. However, there is no scientific data to back up this claim.


Pellicle, or a coating of salivary proteins, protects your teeth. Your pellicle layer protects your teeth while also absorbing food pigments. This may result in discoloration; bacteria might adhere to your pellicle layer. Plaque and tooth discoloration can occur if germs accumulate.
Pineapple, on the other hand, can naturally dissolve pellicles. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme found in pineapple. Proteins, particularly those found in your pellicle layer, can be broken down by proteolytic enzymes.


A proteolytic enzyme is found in both papaya and pineapple. Papain is the enzyme found in papayas. It also destroys the pellicle layer by breaking down protein. This helps to prevent plaque formation while also reducing stains.

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