About Dental Technology

About Dental Technology


Dentistry now uses a whole range of technology to help make procedures quicker, easier and less painful for the patient. The use of technology has meant we can be more precise with our diagnoses, decrease the amount of appointments and surgeries a patient has, and alleviate pain more easily.


Star28 Dental Clinic uses cutting edge technology to best serve its patients. We use a range of different tools, including CAD-CAM, laser treatment and intraoral cameras to properly assess your complications, and administer them with the correct care. Image of dental technology.


Important Dental Technology Procedures

There are lots of different types of technology we use in dentistry, some you may not be aware of, or even encounter. There are a few that you will see crop up again and again at your appointments, and it may help to become familiar with them. 


Laser treatment can be used in a number of ways, such as during important surgeries, but it can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Lasers can help with teeth whitening, quickening the bleaching process, and to help place veneers and solidify composite bonding


Micro Dentistry is a complex procedure that allows our dentists to be minimally invasive while yielding maximum benefit for the patient. Using microscope technology, we can precisely administer procedures that affect minimal change to your mouth. 


Dental Technology Tools 

Soft tissue lasers are used to remove tissue, such as gum or pulp, and can be used in many routine procedures. Soft-tissue lasers can be used in root canal treatment, removal of ulcers and periodontal therapy. They play an effective role in eliminating soft tissue, while minimizing bleeding and pain. 


CAD-CAM is an important component to our everyday dentistry needs. CAD-CAM is responsible for designing custom-fit restorations and mouthguards for patients. Using 3D imaging and molds that we take of your mouth, we can use CAD-CAM technology to create crowns, veneers, bridges and many other important restorations.  


Digital panoramic x-rays are a type of x-ray that emits a tiny amount of radiation, but gives us a complete overview of your oral cavity. They are especially helpful when it comes to diagnosing a problem that cannot be seen by the naked eye, or detecting any underlying problems before a surgery. 


Intraoral cameras are used by our dentists to investigate the oral cavity thoroughly, and show us an enlarged, high-quality image on a live feed. Intraoral cameras have helped spot infections early on, and help make surgeries more precise and clear for the dentist. 


Periotests are used to accurately tell our dentists the stability of a dental implant. They are a helpful and important tool in telling our dentists whether a dental implant will function properly, saving possible complications further down the line. 


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment we administer post-surgery to decrease the recovery time and reduce pain. Platelets are used by the body to clot wounds and repair damage. By giving the body PRP, we can help it mend wounds after surgery. 

Star28 Dental Clinic is proud to use the latest technology that saves you from prolonged recovery times, long appointments and experiencing pain. Call us at (714) 523-2828 to book your next checkup.