About us


Our discerning patients truly care about their teeth and want nothing but the best. Our state of the art facility, digital technology and expert doctors create an unparalleled Five Star Dental Experience- based on patient safety, comfort, and uncompromising results. The passionate pursuit of perfection every time.

Our Five Star Dental Experience is about comfort, convenience and results. Comfort starts at our VIP lounge. Great attention to detail is put into creating a warm and inviting ambiance that makes you forget that you are at a dental office. Warm scents of serenity, high grade leather seating, and dashing art decor designed to make you fell at home. Our friendly staff will always greet you with a genuine smile and offer you Fiji water or chamomile tea. Convenience starts with our Dental Concierge Services team. We have a dedicated Client Relations Ambassador available to attend to any special requests. It is not uncommon for clients to request for their favorite songs to be played during treatment. Out of state clients who fly in, can also get pickup service from the airport in our Mercedes Benz S-Class.

Results. Our expert doctors stand behind their work. Your mouth is our report card. Our passionate pursuit of perfection coupled with top of the line dental products make #prettypeopleprettier.




The meaning behind “Star28”

Stars are often regarded as a protective symbol. In contemporary art, design and the modern world- a star is a widely used symbol of beauty, good and positive energy. A healthy mouth has all 28 teeth that are in excellent form and function. It is our mission to protect yours!