Aesthetic Gum Lift

Aesthetic Gum Lift

A smile is crucial in making a first impression. Not only do teeth play a role in showing someone your smile, but gums are often just as important. A gummy smile is when you have excess gum tissue which covers the teeth to such an extent it makes them look stout. Aesthetic gum lift involves removing the gum tissue to expose more tooth surface. This procedure hides the gums behind the lips and is typically done in concert with other procedures like dental veneers. 


An aesthetic gum lift is a surgical process which improves a patient’s appearance and boosts their confidence. Contact our team at Star28 Dental Clinic if you have questions about a gum lift. 


Aesthetic Gum Lift Procedure

The aesthetic gum lift procedure is done in two steps. The first involves analysis and planning, while the actual procedure is done on the second. On your first appointment, the patient will undergo a detailed examination including x-rays, videos, and photographs. 


Digital Smile Design

The team will find out your aesthetic goals and then create a treatment plan for a new gumline. We will ensure the gumline and smile line are in harmony with the shape of your face. This process is known as DSD – Digital Smile Design.


With DSD, you will be able to virtually see how your smile will look after the procedure is done. The digital interface lets you try multiple options before finalizing your look. You can tweak a number of nuances and remove the uncertainty that comes with cosmetic dental work. 


At this point, we will calculate the amount of tissue to remove for your desired look. Then the template is copied from the DSD and used by the team. A minimal amount of reshaping is done with the help of a procedure called electrocautery. It does not require stitches and heals rapidly. 


When it comes to a larger amount of tissue removal, you may need surgical crown lengthening. This process also involves re-contouring the underlying bone and is handled by a gum specialist. Once all the analysis and planning are done at the first appointment, then it is time to fix the gums during the following appointment.


Before the actual procedure starts, our team performs a thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth. An antiseptic gel or an oral pro-biotic may be prescribed a few days before the process to aid in healing afterward. The main gum lifting procedure is done under local anesthesia. In the case of surgical crown lengthening, stitches are used on the gum tissue. 


Benefits of Aesthetic Gum Lift

This minimally invasive procedure can be completed in just a few appointments and gives immediately noticeable results by restoring a natural, even gumline. It also lengthens the teeth if they are noticeably short. Overall, this procedure is great for restoring a confident smile with minimally invasive surgery. Our team at Star28 Dental Clinic is highly skilled and well-trained in the aesthetic gum lift procedure. They will help you with a hassle-free and stress-free process. Call today at (714) 523-2828 to book an appointment and schedule your procedure.