All on 4 Treatment

All on 4 Treatment

The All-on-4 treatment concept is a fast and cost-effective treatment for patients who have failing or no teeth. The treatment replaces the entire upper and/or lower dental arch with a complete set of artificial teeth. The name is derived from the number of implants needed, only 4 to support a whole arch of teeth. Star28 Dental Clinic is excited to offer All-on-4 treatment and help mend your dental health. 



Smiling person after all on 4 treatment.

There are many vital benefits to the All-on-4 treatment concept that are important when weighing up your decision. The treatment promises synthetic teeth for the entire duration of the procedure. The patient will not have to spend any time with no teeth or dentures, and can enjoy the benefits of the implants immediately. Temporary bridges will be placed when the implants are inserted, until the proper bridges are ready.


The All-on-4 treatment concept is more efficient than having individual or multiple tooth implants, if a whole arch is needed, and promises no bone grafting. The inner two implants are placed at a 90-degree angle, while the outer two are placed at a 45-degree angle, in order to maximize the use of dense bone in the jaw. This makes the implant stronger, and prevents the need for additional appointments and procedures.  


For those who have suffered ill-fitting dentures, and have had difficulty talking and eating properly without correct dental help, the All-on-4 treatment concept is a refreshing new start to your dental health. 



The procedure for All-on-4 treatment concept is not too dissimilar to that of single or multiple tooth implants


Our dentist will carefully examine your entire oral cavity to assess the viability of your gum and upper or lower jaw. They will need to check the condition of your jawbone to ensure implants can be placed. All-on-4 treatment concept can accommodate some extent of bone damage. 


In the next appointment, our dentist will create 4 incisions into the mouth and place the implants, ready for the dental bridges. They will remove any impacted teeth remaining, under local anesthesia, and clean the mouth thoroughly. They will place a temporary bridge, and take a mold of the mouth, so a dental lab can create a proper bridge that will comfortably and securely fit the mouth. 


The bone will take 2 to 6 months to grow around the implants and ensure they are properly secured within the jaw. Once this is completed, the proper dental bridge will be attached. With the crowns made out of porcelain, the dental bridge looks identical to normal teeth. 


No further treatment is needed, apart from the maintenance of good oral health. It is crucial to talk to one of our dentists after the appointment, to discuss proper brushing and flossing techniques, to prevent further oral complications. 


Star28 Dental Clinic understands how expensive procedures such as the All-on-4 Treatment Concept can be, and we have payment plans that are flexible and tailored towards our clients. Talk to one of our dentists to get the best advice on your oral health. To book a consultation appointment with us, contact us at (714) 523-2828.