Accidents can result in cracked, discolored, or chipped teeth. However, patients no longer have to accept damaged or disfigured teeth because there are advanced restorative procedures available like tooth bonding. This cosmetic procedure can transform the appearance of teeth by providing an improved smile. Patients no longer have to hesitate when smiling or be embarrassed about the look of their teeth. 


Our trained dental practitioners use composite resin to fix cracks and chips on the tooth surface. When compared to the expense of crowns and veneers, it is a much less costly alternative. To learn more about our bonding procedure, contact Star28 Dental Clinic now. 

How Is it Done?

Tooth bonding is a simple cosmetic procedure and does not require the use of anesthesia with the only exception being the treatment of cavities. Another benefit of the bonding process is there are no multiple office visits necessary. Initially, our trained staff use a shade guide to find the matching composite resin color to correctly match the patient’s natural tooth color. Then, the tooth surface is roughened to allow for proper adhesion by the liquid gel which prepares the tooth’s surface for the bonding agent. Once the gel is applied, the bonding agent is secured to the tooth. Some molding or shaping may be required to match the natural curve and overall appearance of the teeth. The material is hardened by the use of ultraviolet light at the end of the bonding procedure.

Why Opt for it?

Teeth bonding can be advantageous in many situations. It helps enhance the appearance of a damaged tooth which is either partly broken or misaligned. It can also be ideal when there are gaps between teeth which need to be filled. Sometimes, people choose this process to ensure all teeth are of the same size, creating a symmetrical appearance. Bonding does not take much time and can be done within a couple of hours, or so. It is a painless procedure which yields excellent results and is quite affordable. 

Things to Keep in Mind

While the benefits of bonding are undeniable, patients need to carefully maintain it. While it is long lasting, it is not as strong or durable as a crown or veneer. There are chances of a bonded tooth chipping if patients are not careful. Chewing ice or eating frozen foods can cause chips and other damage over time. Bonding is also not as stain-resistant as other materials used for cosmetic procedures. This process is suited for fixing minor tooth anomalies and alignment issues. It is important to note, the longevity of bonding will depend on the patient’s oral hygiene and care. 

Preparation for the Process

Unlike other procedures involving the teeth, bonding usually does not require much preparation. However, it is better to discuss the options available with a trained professional. Those with a more severe level of tooth decay may need veneer or a crown. 


Do you want to get more information about the bonding procedures? For any questions, related to the process, give us a call at (714) 523-2828. Our professionals at Star28 Dental Clinic will be more than happy to help you.