Bone Grafting Implant

Bone Grafting for Dental Implant

Implants where the condition of the gums and the bones of the gums are important, and sufficient gingival bones must be formed in order to place an implant. If there is insufficient bone in the site, implantation is performed after forming sufficient gum bone to place the implant using the patient’s own bone or artificial bone.

Bone graft implant application

  • If you lack a lot of bone mass
  • In case of tooth extraction due to gum disease such as periodontal disease
  • If the tooth is missing for a long time
  • In case of loss of alveolar bone due to accident, etc.
  • If there is a depression in the original alveolar bone
  • The procedure of bone transplantation after implantation
  • Insufficient gingival bone
  • Fill in empty space only

Types of bone grafting

An appropriate type of bone transplant is performed according to the patient’s condition.

  • Allogeneic bone
  • Autogenous bone
  • Double bone
  • Synthetic bone

Bone transplantation

The situation where the gum bone is insufficient in the space to be implanted!

Confirm the position to place the implant

Adjust the height of the gums through bone grafts in the empty space