Bone Regeneration

Bone Regeneration

Smiling person after bone regeneration.

If a patient has had a tooth extracted, or has suffered from bone loss via periodontitis, then bone regeneration is an important procedure to ensure bone volume is maintained within the jaw. Bone regeneration also may be used during surgeries, to maintain bone structure. Star28 Dental Clinic understands the importance of keeping and regenerating the bone mass of the upper and lower jaw, and can help you understand the procedure and its importance. 


Reasons for Needing Bone Regeneration

After a tooth has been extracted, it is important to place bone grafting material in the tooth socket to prevent bone shrinkage. If the tooth socket is left untouched, the body removes hard tissue from the area, as it recognizes that a tooth no longer needs protection via the jaw. This can result in tooth misalignment, as teeth neighboring the gap begin to move into the empty space, causing changes to the structure of the face. Neither is desirable for a patient, practically or cosmetically, which is why we advise the use of bone grafts after tooth extraction.


Bone regeneration after tooth extraction isn’t necessary, but it is advised. Especially if you plan to have a dental implant, or any other restorative procedures, down the line. Maintaining the correct volume of bone in the area will help ensure future procedures are easy and without complications.  


If a patient has suffered from periodontitis, and has experienced bone loss, bone regeneration will help restore the density of the bone in the jaw, and strengthen the structure of the face and gums. This will act as a foundation for future restorative procedures, such as dental implants or bridges. 


Procedure and Care

The grafting material used for bone regeneration can come from your own body, from a different animal such as a cattle, or from synthetic material. Our dentist will discuss with you the best option for you in terms of material. Grafting material made from your own bone is the most reliable. Bone regeneration can significantly help the restoration of your mouth, particularly after periodontitis. 


There are many different methods for bone regeneration, and our dentist will advise the best one for your individual needs. To ensure we decide upon the best treatment plan for you, we will ask you questions about your medical and dental history, and questions on your lifestyle choices. Habits like smoking can affect the strength of the bone in your mouth, so it is important we know these types of choices before proceeding. 


During the procedure, the periodontist will make an incision into the gum, to pack the bone grafting material into the desired area. If the procedure is being done after a tooth extraction, the grafting material will be placed in the extraction site. 


It is not uncommon to feel grain-like minerals in the mouth after the procedure, as this is some of the bone grafting material that has become dislodged. We will advise you on how to minimize disturbing the bone grafting material. This will involve no brushing, rinsing or touching your mouth for 48 hours after the procedure. 


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