Custom-Fit Dentures

Custom-Fit Dentures

Star28 Dental Clinic only offers dentures that have been designed and modelled around the contours of your oral cavity. Our dentists will use molding and 3D imaging to design the perfect dentures for you. Using CAD/CAM technology, a dental lab will create custom-fit dentures from the material of your choice.

Dentures in water.

a pair of dentures in a glass of water.



Custom-fit dentures are guaranteed to fit the mouth better than non-custom made dentures. They will fit securely in the mouth, without slipping or moving during use. Custom dentures avoid the poor fitting and pain non-custom made dentures cause, and last up to twenty years, significantly longer than conventional dentures. 


Custom-fit dentures also allow a larger range of hard foods that can be eaten. Avoiding hard-boiled sweets and chewing on hard objects is still advised, but patients will not have to worry about difficulty eating or damage to dentures with custom-fitted ones. 


Custom-fit dentures can also help boost confidence. Those who were previously insecure with poorly fitting dentures or worried about their aesthetic and slipping can enjoy the feel and look of custom made dentures. 



Dentures are usually made from either resin or porcelain, as they most closely resemble the look and shine of natural teeth. Our dentist will ask you what sort of material you would like, and what color you’d like them to be. If you have natural teeth remaining, they will match the dentures to that color, to make the dentures indistinguishable from the rest of the oral cavity.


The plate, in which the artificial teeth are supported, can either be made of acrylic resin or metal. Acrylic resin is good for dentures that need a synthetic gumline, and can be more desirable in terms of aesthetics for a patient. Metal plated dentures are less likely to break and can fit the mouth better. 


Our dentists will be able to tell you what materials we have for the artificial teeth and plates on offer, and which would best suit your circumstance. 



Depending on whether you are having a conventional or immediate denture will change the procedure. 


Conventional dentures are made after teeth removal, and therefore fit the mouth almost perfectly when placed. This requires the molding and 3D imaging to happen after teeth removal. The mold and data will be sent to a dental lab to construct a custom-fit denture. Minor adjustments may be needed, the denture can take 3-6 weeks to be made. 


Immediate dentures are placed on straight after the tooth removal, and require the 3D imaging and molding to happen prior to that appointment. This is a solution best suited to those who do not want to spend any amount of time without teeth. Immediate dentures do not fit the mouth as well as conventional dentures, and will need adjustments over the weeks after fitting. The gum is still healing while the immediate dentures are in, which leads to changes in how the dentures fit. 


Star28 Dental Clinic offers custom-fit dentures that are customizable to your needs. Call us today at (714) 523-2828 so we can book you in for your next appointment.