Dentures to Implant Bridge

Dentures to Implant Bridge

For many people, dentures were the recommended and go-to solution for a missing or removed tooth. But there are many disadvantages to dentures that patients frequently come to try and amend. At Star28 Dental Clinic we want to help you choose the best solution for your oral health, and recommend the best treatment.

Denture model about to go into a 3D scanner.

Putting denture on 3D scanner.


Implant bridges have a number of benefits over dentures, and are ideal for those looking for a resolution to all their denture nags. Implant bridges offer almost all the benefits of dentures, but without the hassle. 


Why Change?

What usually draws people to dentures is how quickly, cheaply, and easily they can be implemented. With little to no recovery time, many people have decided dentures to be the solution to missing teeth. Long-term, dentures can prove to slip, cause sores or pains on the gum and prevent the ability to eat certain foods. Dentures can often feel uncomfortable or different to normal teeth, particularly if an ill-fitting denture has been made. 


Implant bridges have the almost exact same feel and fit as natural teeth as they are rooted in the bone of the jaw. This gives them their strength, allowing the patient to experience no slipping, and not be restricted in their diet. Implant bridges are cleaned just like normal teeth and are not taken out for cleaning or sleeping. 


Implant bridges can improve the structure of your oral cavity and jaw, and relieve pressure off other teeth when chewing. The porcelain crowns look identical to normal teeth. But the benefits are more than cosmetic, as the maintenance of your oral health is easier with dental implants than with dentures. 


What can put people off implants is the surgery and the time taken to fit implants. However, there are now many different ways to fit implants, including Same Day teeth and All-on-4®, both of which offer the ability to have dental bridges immediately after tooth removal. This means a patient does not need to wait for their gum to heal before they can have their dental bridges placed, as the gum heals after the fitting process. 


Our dentists will be able to advise you on whether dental implants are suitable for you, and the benefits they can prove for your individual needs.


Am I Suitable for Implant Bridges?

Many patients may believe they are unsuitable for implant bridges, but the majority of people are able to have them placed. As long as a patient has good oral health they should be able to have dental bridges. The removal of any complications will need to take place before the surgery, such as tooth rot or gum disease. 


Even patients with bone loss should still be able to have implant bridges. Strategically placed dental implants, or bone grafting, can allow the implants to be placed while strengthening the jaw after bone loss.


Star28 Dental Clinic wants to help you transition from dentures to dental bridges, and experience the benefits of synthetic teeth that fit snug in the mouth. To book a checkup or consultation appointment, call us now at (714) 523-2828.