(All on 4) Full Mouth Reconstruction

Advanced Periodontal Disease
Loss of Multiple Teeth
Implant Cost Savings
Old Dentures that Constantly Fall Out

(All on 4) Implant Treatment Process

Step 01

Implant Surgery

4 implants spread out for anterior-posterior distribution of biting forces

Step 02

Delivery of Implant Supported Prosthesis

Attaching dental implants to connectors on a non-removable prosthesis

Step 03

Bite Adjustment and Maintenance

Establish occlusal harmony and regular check ups for long term use

An Excellent Track Record of Longevity and Durability

All-on-4® treatment

95% of patients are satisfied with their new teeth

Over 150,000 patients treated

Excellent mean implant survival of 98% with a mean follow-up to 7.5 years

Precision without tolerance of 0.1mm

The best treatment plan is established with an accurate digital guide and 3D computer simulation

The balance of the body is prioritized in the process of establishing a prosthesis, considering the position of the jaw joint. Individually customized surgical guidance devices are used to perform more accurate and precise implant procedures.