Why Star 28 Dental Implants?

When it comes to dental implants, we do it best. Our expert doctors are Total Solution Providers (TSP) who manage your dental implant treatment from start to finish. You have the peace of mind of one dental implant team with expert implant surgeons. Why go to three offices, when you can get it done all at a single office? In our vertical integration model, we cut out the “middle man” concept and streamline the treatment process all under one roof. In the end, we pass the savings onto our patients. Get your dental implants done where everyone knows your name and glad that you came!


Alternative Options

Bridges unnecessarily shave down neighboring healthy teeth. The are notoriously known for constant food impaction and require cumbersome daily maintenance.
Removable partial dentures have metal clasps that damage the teeth they hook on to. When chewing, patients commonly complain about it being “clunky” and uncomfortable.

Navigation Implant

less pain and fast recovery

It is placed so that the error rate is close to 0% by precision design through computer simulation.

Accurate and safe surgery plans are established by identifying the patient’s bone quality and nerve location through a simulated surgical process.

Experts in Dental Implants

The best surgical team equipped with the best digital technology is a recipe for success!

Minimize errors through precise diagnosis

The optimal treatment plan is established with 3D computer simulation which leads to a safer, more precise implant surgery delivered through a customized surgical guide.

Computer Analysis Implant (3D-CT)

By accurately diagnosing the patient’s gumbone and jawbone condition with 3D images Reduces surgical errors.

3D Oral Scanner

The 3D digital tooth scanning device allows you to comfortably image the oral cavity within a short time and accurately reproduce the oral environment.

Computer Simulation

By combining 3D-CT and oral scanner data, the implant can be placed in the most ideal position when it is actually placed.

Implant operation time is shorter

Reduced surgery time by making customized surgical guides. The surgical guide is a device that actually acts as a navigation device, and the surgical time is shortened by placing the implant at the same position and angle as the simulated surgical plan.

Navigation implant placement process

3D-CT, Oral Scan

Placement plan & simulation surgery

Custom guide creation

Implant procedure


The best treatment plan is established with an accurate digital guide and 3D computer simulation

The balance of the body is prioritized in the process of establishing a prosthesis, considering the position of the jaw joint. Individually customized surgical guidance devices are used to perform more accurate and precise implant procedures.

Customized Abutment

General Abutment

Customized Abutment

Customized design considering the anatomical shape of individual teeth, Excellent holding power by making a crown of constant thickness, Maintaining healthy gums by minimizing food pressure