Sophisticated analysis is the key point of invisalign

The model is scanned using a high-precision printer, and the Invisalign is produced

with individual patient model analysis and sophisticated setup.

Advantages of Invisalign

It is a device that is 0.5mm thin and does not interfere with pronunciation.

It is made of thin special reinforced plastic, so it's invisible.

There is no wire or metal, so the pain is less.

It is removable.

It is a 0.5mm thin device and is comfortable to wear.

The number of visits to the hospital is Less.

It is easy to manage tooth decay or gum disease.

There is no obstacle to daily life, so the satisfaction of treatment is high.


Beyond the limitations of transparent orthodontics, fast and sophisticated treatment is possible even for high-difficulty orthodontics, and numerous experiences and know-how promise the best results. Invisalign is effective for difficult malocclusions, including dentition problems.

Tooth Movement Simulation

Vertically covered

Vertical overcoat means that the upper teeth cover the lower teeth.

Opposite Occlusal

Opposite bite means that when the mouth is closed, the incisors under the lower teeth come forward than the upper teeth. In many cases, it is a problem with the jaw that is coming out a lot.


When the mouth is closed, some of the upper teeth go into the inside of the lower teeth.

Gaping Teeth

If there is a space between two or more teeth, it is called a space problem or gapped tooth.

Open Bite

When the mouth is closed, Winnie and her sister do not touch each other, this is called open bite.

Tooth Crowding

When there is not enough space in the jaw to arrange the teeth, the teeth are crowded and overlap and twist. Correction is required in the form of teeth pushing back and forth.