Meet the Doctor

Dr. Michael Han

Dr. Michael Han was born and raised in Philadelphia and moved to Denver to complete his undergraduate and graduate dental education.

He is a second generation U.S. Army veteran who proudly served in the military as a Dental Officer and was also a full scholarship recipient in the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). With his training externships in oral surgery and prosthodontics, Dr. Michael Han was the attending dentist to many VIPs including a Four Star General and various Diplomats. He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Washington- School of Dentistry. He enjoys teaching dental students and residents to help shape the future of dentistry. Dr. Michael Han’s core values include Integrity, Character and having the Passionate Pursuit of Perfection in making #PrettyPeoplePrettier through Dental Implants and Custom Smile Designs.

Growing up, I remember going to a dilapidated dental office with a small lobby and old/soiled furniture that had a weird smell to it. The front desk person who answered the phone was not so friendly and nonchalantly just told me to sign in. The nurse that called my name wasn’t any better. I entered a small room over crowded with metal instruments and sat on an antiquated dental chair that made squeaky noises as it reclined and forebode to something sinister. On the other side of the partition, I hear another patient screaming. The dentist who hides behind the mask was not personable and treated me like a number. As I braced myself for the dreaded needle injection, I could smell cigarette odor from his hands. He proceeds to “pull” my tooth with aggressive force. I left the office feeling violated and with sweaty arm pits- wishing to never return again.


This time around, I am on the other side of the dental chair. As a dentist, I made a commitment to providing a Five Star Dental Experience for every patient. Our offices are spacious, clean and intentionally designed to help our patients forget that they are at a dental office. The lounge has scents of serenity and welcoming staff who always greet with a genuine smile. A place where everyone knows your name and attends to your maximum comfort. I believe that equipping our offices with modern technology is not just an investment but more importantly a commitment to our patients for a more safe, pleasant and comfortable experience.


From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave, we strive to give a Five Star Dental Experience every time. Dentistry doesn’t have to be painful. Dentistry doesn’t have to be scary and you definitely don’t have to leave with sweaty arm pits. Welcome to our brand of dentistry.


Yours truly,

Dr. Michael Han DDS, FICOI