One-Day Implant

Immediate extraction implant

a one-day Implant method in which teeth diagnosed by the attending physician, such as broken teeth and teeth that are shaken due to severe periodontitis, are extracted and implanted at the same time. One-stop operation from tooth extraction and implant surgery is performed with a single anesthesia, and incision-free surgery is possible. One-day implants may be difficult to perform depending on the condition of your gums or teeth, so it is recommended that you decide with a medical staff and enough people. This procedure is only possible if the patient’s health and age, and sufficient amount of gum bones are present.

Step 1

Diagnosis and close examination

Step 2

Fixture placement on the same day

Step 3

Digital Oral Scan

Step 4

Personalized abutment and temporary prosthesis production

Step 5

Same-day prosthesis production

Step 6

Replaced with the final prosthesis after 3 months

One-day implant is recommended for these cases


Root Decay and Vertical Fractures

Root Canal Failures

Diabetic Patients with Poor Healing

Minimal Invasive Surgery

Single Surgery

Precision and Accuracy

Through 3D simulation, our expert implant surgeons plan and perform the surgery digitally before the patient is even in the chair. The correct position, angulation and depth are predetermined according the patient’s anatomy for a seamless and efficient surgery. With unparalleled precision and accuracy, a single implant surgery is done in 15 minutes!