Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma diagram.


Platelet-rich plasma is a helpful treatment for patients to encourage healing after they have had a procedure. Patients experience less pain, and the healing process is often quicker when using platelet-rich plasma. This means you’ll experience less pain, and over a shorter period of time. Star28 Dental Clinic is fortunate enough to offer platelet-rich plasma treatment for those having surgeries, such as tooth socket graft, ridge augmentation, sinus lifts and others.


Talk to one of our dentists to see if you are able to have platelet-rich plasma for your procedure, to alleviate pain and quicken the healing process. 



Platelets are a type of blood cell that helps form blood clots to amend damage in your body. Blood clots help create scabs over wounds and stop bleeding quickly and efficiently. Platelet-rich plasma allows us to give the body the resources it needs to speed up and enhance this process. 


When a bone graft is placed, it is very delicate, and needs blood to clot around it in order for it to be secured within the mouth. This can often be tedious for the patient, as it means they cannot eat hard foods, brush or rinse their mouth for a couple of days, and may mean they have to avoid any knocks to the mouth for weeks. Even then, an accident could cause the bone graft to become dislodged and ineffectual. Platelet-rich plasma reduces the chance of any complications, infections or problems from occurring, by speeding up the recovery process. 


Platelet-rich plasma also benefits the patient by reducing the risk of infection as any incisions made in the mouth, when performing surgery, close up quicker, leaving less of a window for infection. This is particularly important for patients who are more susceptible to illness, such as retirees or immunocompromised individuals. It also benefits patients whose blood doesn’t clot quickly enough for effective healing. 


Our dentist will take a sample of your blood prior to your procedure. Using a centrifuge, they will separate the platelets from the rest of the blood. They will use the centrifuge again to get the platelets with a high growth factor. This will then be turned into platelet-rich plasma. 


When the surgery is being performed, and the wound is open, the dentist will administer the platelet-rich plasma in high concentration. This will ensure the acceleration of the healing process. 


Taking the blood sample should not cause any pain or require any medication to relieve symptoms. The aftercare procedure of the platelet-rich plasma will differ depending on the surgery it has been administered with. 


Star28 Dental Clinic is fortunate enough to offer this treatment, and is hoping through this to be able to offer procedures to those who perhaps were unable to have them done before, due to the risk of wounds not healing properly. Those with blood clotting disorders, unfortunately, will not be able to have this treatment. Blood samples must come from the patient to eliminate the risk of infection. Been a while since your last check-up? Book an appointment with us now, call us at (714) 523-2828