for 1 hour once a day

With 1 hour treatment, the white color is maintained for 1 to 2 years, and the lasting effect is further extended for each individual according to dental care.
It is a technique that brightens teeth without damaging the teeth by using whitening agents that whiten teeth, and restores discolored or pigmented teeth to their original color. Teeth staining is mainly caused by food consumption such as coffee and kimchi, or smoking, and may be discolored due to various factors such as correction and aging.

Types of teeth whitening

Professional whitening

A high-concentration whitening agent is applied at the dentist and irradiated with a light source to promote it.

Self whitening

At home, a low-concentration whitening agent is loaded on the tray.

Walking bleaching

If discoloration occurs due to pulp and necrosis (due to nerve death) due to impact, etc., whitening treatment is performed by putting a whitening agent in the neural tube.

Gingival whitening

Due to excessive deposition of melanin pigment on the gums If the gums are black, this is a procedure to create pink gums using a laser or the like.

Teeth whitening

By the action of whitening agents, carbamide ferroside and hydrogen peroxide, the active factors of whitening gel, are decomposed to release oxygen. The released oxygen reacts with the organic matter of the tooth and turns the dark carbon ring compound into a bright chain structure, making the tooth white and bright.