Who Is a Candidate

Who Is a Candidate?

Smiling woman hugging knees, after getting dental implants.


Dental implants is a procedure that Star28 Dental Clinic offers in which titanium implants are placed within the bone of a person’s jaw in order to place crowns on top and replace missing or decayed teeth. There are many advantages to having dental implants as opposed to other restorative procedures.


Some people are more suitable for and would benefit more from dental implants than others. In general, the majority of people can have dental implants, but a few people, mainly those with other health complications, put themselves at risk if they were to receive the procedure. 


Patients Who Can Benefit From Implants

Most people can have dental implants. With the maintenance of good oral health, the gum and bone of the oral cavity should be in a condition suitable for implants. Even with bone loss and gum recession, implants may be advised to prevent further complications. In an appointment prior to the procedure, our dentists will thoroughly investigate your oral cavity to ensure its suitability for dental implants. 


For patients with teeth that suffer from decay, cracks/chips, or who have teeth that have died (no longer have blood circulation), implants can be highly beneficial. Other restorative procedures could involve multiple surgeries and constant upkeep afterward, with the chance of further complications later on in life. Dental implants very rarely fail or become compromised, and could be an easier solution for failing teeth. 


If root canal treatment has failed, i.e. become fractured or decayed further, then a dental implant could be a solution, as they are not inclined to decay. For those who have experienced dental procedures previously, dental implants can be a long-term solution with minimal risk, and prevent the need for further treatment. 


If the rest of your teeth are in good condition and are not prone to decay or damage, then dental implants are a solution to ensure the maintenance of good oral health. Our dentist can remove the broken or decayed teeth, thoroughly clean the dental cavity, and place the dental implants, freeing the mouth of any complications. The procedure can act as a fresh start to your oral health. 


One of our dentists will talk you thru the advantages and disadvantages for your particular case, and recommend a treatment plan based on your individual needs.


Patients at Risk 

Patients who are considered unfit for dental implants are mainly those who are experiencing other health issues, in which dental implants could further complicate their condition. Severe periodontitis, uncontrolled diabetes, patients who have previously had radiotherapy on the jaw, or have been a long-term smoker are considered at risk when having dental implants. These complications can mean the condition of the jaw, gum, or other aspects of a patient’s health puts them at higher risk for the dental implant procedure.  


However, it may still be possible to have dental implants, even with these conditions. Book an appointment with one of our dentists, and they will be able to properly assess whether dental implants are suitable for you. To book a consultation appointment to check whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, call Star28 Dental Clinic at (714) 523-2828 now.