When wisdom tooth extraction is required


Wisdom teeth fly out correctly

It is painless and is a good time to treat. Only the enamel, which is the surface of the tooth, is rotten, but if you look closely, it is an early stage where black spots appear. It is difficult to detect alone, and many people know through regular dental checkups.


Wisdom teeth are crooked

The cold and hot things start to feel irritation. But when you don’t eat, it’s easy to think that it doesn’t hurt.


Grows lying down

It starts to get sick, and some people feel severe pain at night. Sometimes, some people don’t feel any symptoms, but it is too late to treat cavities that remove the rotted part and stuff it.


Hidden wisdom teeth

Inflammation spreads through the tissues, making it impossible to chew the damaged food to its roots. In severe cases, the gums are swollen, and the entire bone may be swollen. Pus at the tip of the root can also penetrate the gums.

Wisdom tooth extraction know-how


3D precise diagnosis

The condition of the wisdom tooth is precisely diagnosed through dental 3D CT.


High-difficulty procedure experience

We have clinical experience and know-how in numerous high-difficulty wisdom tooth cases.


A professional doctor

The representative director directly extracts and allows for minimal incision and quick extraction. (It may vary depending on the patient’s condition)