What is caries treatment?

Tooth decay is caused by the melting of teeth by acid produced by bacteria in the mouth breaking down food. In the case of tooth decay, it begins in the form of fine white spots and gradually becomes deeper and larger, turning brown, and pain begins. Caries, also called dental caries, require early treatment, so it is important to manage them in advance through regular check-ups and dental visits.
One of the reasons for receiving caries treatment is damage to teeth!! Many people visit the dentist for caries treatment, and most of them have been caries for a long time. | If left unattended, neurological treatment or, in severe cases, even implants may proceed. For this reason, it is advisable to treat caries as soon as possible.

The process of tooth decay


Only the enamel is rotten

It is painless and is a good time to treat. Only the enamel, which is the surface of the tooth, is rotten, but if you look closely, it is an early stage where black spots appear. It is difficult to detect alone, and many people know through regular dental checkups.


Rotten even dentin

The cold and hot things start to feel irritation. But when you don’t eat, it’s easy to think that it doesn’t hurt.


Nerve inflamed condition

It starts to get sick, and some people feel severe pain at night. Sometimes, some people don’t feel any symptoms, but it is too late to treat cavities that remove the rotted part and stuff it.



If a tooth is lost, the circumference of the teeth on both sides is removed little by little and this is a treatment method in which artificial teeth are inserted as a pillar.


It is a treatment method in which the circumference of the damaged tooth is removed little by little and covered with metal.


It is the most suitable treatment for early stage when the tooth decay is not deep, and it is also the most ideal treatment method for abrasion of the tooth and neck area. This is a common tooth color filling (resin) procedure, which is the same as the tooth color, so it is aesthetically pleasing.


If the cavities are deep or wide, but neurological treatment is not required, this is a treatment required for mid-term cavities. There are gold inlays and tooth-colored (resin) inlays as a precise procedure for filling after pre-fabrication.

CEREC Prosthetic treatment completed with one visit

With a dental CAD/CAM system, prostheses are made of bio-friendly materials that have similar color and strength to natural teeth, making them excellent in terms of function and aesthetics.