Laminate is recommended in these cases

Distorted and broken front teeth
If there are gaps between the teeth and tooth decay
Severely colored or discolored teeth, if whitening does not improve
If the shape of the front teeth is strange or slightly crooked


Clear and bright custom teeth & Naturally like my original teeth

After the entire tooth has been removed, it is a high-strength special ceramic that does not contain metal in the desired shape and color. It is a drastic and innovative treatment method because it is possible to change the overall tooth arrangement with only two to three visits for about two weeks. It does not contain any metal, so you can get natural artificial teeth, and it is translucent, so there is no black line on the gums, so the aesthetics are also excellent.
All-ceramic can be customized to the desired shape and shape of the tooth as well as its color. Its strength is better than that of laminate, and it has transparency that transmits light, so it is very aesthetically similar to real natural teeth.

In these cases, All-Ceramic is Recommended

The size of the tooth is too large or, conversely, too small
If you want teeth that are aesthetically similar to natural teeth due to discoloration of the existing prosthesis
Severely colored or discolored teeth, if whitening does not improve
If the front teeth are missing
Sap teeth, protruding teeth, irregular incisors
If you need neurological treatment


Resin with excellent aesthetics and functionality

Resin is one of the dental materials similar to the color of teeth. It is mainly used when performing a procedure so that the range of cavities is not large or the area is clearly visible so that there is no discomfort in appearance. After the tooth decay is removed, a plastic resin similar to the color of the tooth is applied directly to the trimmed tooth area. The resin is so similar in color that it is difficult to distinguish it from the teeth. Since a special adhesive is used to keep the teeth adhered well, the teeth can be sharpened less and retaining power is good. It can be used in most cases and has the advantage that it does not fade easily.

In these cases, Resin is Recommended

If the cervical area is indented
If there is a caries in the cervical area
If there is a tooth decay in the molar tooth
Fractured incisors
Caries between the incisors and other teeth
If the front teeth are open