Preventive Treatment

Preventive Treatment

This is a treatment that can prevent dental caries and periodontal disease. This is a treatment that can prevent tooth pain or dental caries by receiving simple treatment before damage occurs. It is a dental procedure that prevents it from occurring.
Many people misunderstand that the gaps between the teeth after scaling or that the teeth are damaged. Scaling is the scraping of unnecessary calculus on the surface of the tooth, not a tooth-cut treatment.

Why preventive treatment is needed

Relationship between periodontal disease and various diseases


times increased more brain stroke risk


times increased heart disease risk


times increased Chronic lung disease risk


times increased Cardiovascular disease risk


times increased Erectile dysfunction


times increased premature birth risk


Scaling is a treatment that removes plaque and calculus that causes gum disease, gum disease, which is the biggest cause of tooth damage and loss. The weakening of the gum bones that hold the teeth can cause damage to the teeth. Scaling can easily treat and prevent simple gum disease.

If the oral hygiene condition is good, about once a year is appropriate.

If you smoking, about once every 6 months is adequate.

If you have gum disease, take it regularly every 3 to 4 months.


When you look at the surface of the molars where about half of the cavities occur, they have an uneven shape. If food gets stuck in these grooves and gaps, tooth decay can occur if the teeth are not brushed well. This is a method that is difficult to remove by brushing your teeth, and in order to prevent these cavities, the valleys on the chewing side of the teeth are coated with a plastic-based material.

Excellent prevention of molar tooth decay.

There is no pain as the teeth are not anesthetized or removed.

The number of visits is 1~2, so the burden of time is small.

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