Tooth Removal

Tooth Removal

Tooth removal or tooth extraction is the process of removing the tooth from its position on the gum. This procedure involves removing the complete tooth including its roots. This process creates a gap in the gums which is then managed with the help of tooth socket grafting. Tooth removal may cause some patients anxiety but at Star28 Dental Clinic we will ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the procedure. 

Need for Tooth Removal

You might need to get a tooth removed because of different reasons like trauma to the tooth, extensive decay, a broken tooth, impacted wisdom tooth, and severe crowding in tooth alignment. In rare cases, teeth have to be extracted when two or more teeth protrude through the gumline at the same place. 

Fake model, showing how a tooth is removed.

Types of Tooth Removal

Simple tooth extraction is performed when the tooth is moving easily, and the roots are loosened. This process does not require access to the area below the gumline and can be quickly performed with the help of local anesthesia. Our team will ensure you are comfortable before the tooth is removed and then use forceps to remove the tooth without causing 

any pain or discomfort. The site of extraction may bleed slightly, and you will be advised to consume cold foods to help with numbing and faster healing. 

Impacted tooth extraction is performed on wisdom teeth when they do not protrude from the gums properly. These teeth are stuck below the gums and may cause a lot of pain and discomfort if not removed. Impacted tooth extraction is an oral surgery which is slightly more complicated than the simple tooth extractions. This procedure involves loosening of teeth inside the gums and then extracting them under local anesthesia. 

In some cases, a tooth may fall out naturally, but the roots may still remain in the gums. These should be removed as soon as possible because they can cause pain and other dental complications if they are not extracted. Tooth roots are removed under local anesthesia and are a hassle-free process resulting in a healthy and pain-free mouth. 


Care After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction creates an open wound in the extraction location and hence, calls for proper care to avoid infection and faster healing. After the extraction procedure, you may be prescribed pain medication to help with pain management. It is quite possible you may be advised to apply cold packs on the site of the extraction to reduce the swelling and numb the pain too. Gauze may be placed at the site which can be removed or changed three to four hours after the extraction. 


You can help the healing process by doing some simple things like consuming cold beverages and eating soft food for a few days. When you lie down, put your head on a pillow and avoid drinking from a straw for a day or two after extraction.


Tooth extraction is a common process but needs to be done by a highly trained person. Get in touch with the team at Star28 Dental Clinic for your tooth woes. Call today at (714) 523-2828 to book an appointment. Our team will brief you about the process and make you as comfortable as possible at every step.