Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day

Image of man after teeth in a day treatment.

Teeth in a day allows our patients to have a new set of dental implants placed within one appointment, avoiding any time between removal of the teeth and implant placement. Typically, replacing the upper or lower row takes months of surgery, with ill-fitting dentures to bridge the gap between procedures. Star28 Dental Clinic offers the opportunity for our patients to have a comfortable, strong, new set of teeth, without any of the hassle and delay of conventional methods.


Teeth in a day is typically used when replacing a large number of teeth, such as an entire dental arch. With the conventional method, the impacted teeth would be removed, and the gums would heal, leaving the patient with a denture for the time between. Teeth in a day allows the gum to heal while the teeth are in place. 


Teeth in a day uses implants that act as normal tooth roots to secure the dental bridge in place. The benefit of implants is their strength and longevity. Because they fuse with the bone, they’re very unlikely to fracture. This also means they’ll fit, feel and look like natural teeth. Implants will take some getting used to, but unlike dentures, they will not feel foreign in the mouth. 


Our dentists will use the minimum number of implants possible to ensure the maximum strength of the dental bridges. If the teeth were individually implanted, you’d have numerous implants, requiring lots of surgery and lots of appointments. Teeth in a day can do a whole bridge in four implants, using the density of the jaw to its advantage. 



You will need a consultation appointment with one of our dentists to check that your oral cavity and jaw are able to have teeth in a day dental bridges. Teeth in a day are designed for mouths that have experienced a lot of damage, even bone damage, and so we can accommodate most dental cases. 


We will ask a few questions about your dental history, and lifestyle choices, to properly assess your oral health. 


Next, you will need to come in for 3D imaging and photographs of your oral cavity. Our dentists can plan for the teeth in a day dental bridges, and how the implants will fit into your jaw structure. Once this is completed, we will be able to create a treatment plan for the appointments that follow. 


At the next appointment, our dentist will remove any impacted teeth and thoroughly clean the oral cavity, using local anesthesia. They will drill holes into the jaw, and insert the dental implants. On top of the implants, they will place a temporary bridge. 


Our dentist will then take a mold of your teeth and send it to a dental lab. The dental lab will create a proper, custom-made bridge to be properly fitted in your mouth once the implants have properly fused to the jawbone. 


A couple more appointments may be needed for adjustments to the dental bridge, but pain and recovery should be minimal. 


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