Partial and Full Dentures

Partial and Full Dentures


Dentures are a type of set of artificial teeth that sit in the mouth to offer cosmetic and structural support. Dentures can either be complete or partial. Complete dentures are a full set of either upper or lower teeth. These are used when all natural teeth have been removed, or have decayed severely. Partial dentures are used when healthy teeth still exist within the mouth, and so partial dentures sit in the gaps between natural teeth to complete the dental arch. Image of a denture.


Star28 Dental Clinic is offering custom-molded dentures, partial and full, to those looking for a way to replace missing teeth without needing surgery. Our dentures will fit snugly in the mouth and restore your smile. 


Types of Dentures

Aside from partial and full, there are two main types of dentures: conventional and immediate. Immediate dentures can be fitted the same day as a tooth removal appointment. If your teeth have been severely affected by tooth decay, our dentist will talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of the restorative procedures available to you. 


Immediate dentures will prevent the patient from going any time without teeth. However, adjustments will be made to the dentures over the months after you had them made, as they won’t immediately fit as properly as conventional ones. The gum is still healing underneath the dentures after they are fitted, which means they could change shape and cause the denture to feel uncomfortable. Everything is adjustable, but it will take time to get used to. 


The conventional method requires the making of the dentures after the teeth removal, to create a more accurate mold. Once the teeth have been removed, our dentist will take a mold of your mouth, which they then will send to a dental lab. The dental lab will create a custom-made denture for your mouth. This will fit better than an immediate denture, but still may need some minor adjustments. 



Dentures are relatively easy to take care of and keep in good condition. It is in a patient’s best interest to clean their dentures every day to maintain good oral hygiene. Dentures should be taken out every night before bed, to allow the mouth some time to breathe without them. Our dentist will ask, for the first couple of weeks, for you to wear them overnight, in order to ensure they fit properly in the mouth. Using a denture cleanser and a soft brush is the best way to clean your dentures. 


For the first couple of months, you may find the dentures a little difficult to use. You may experience increased saliva, difficulty in talking and eating, and the dentures may feel foreign in your mouth. This is perfectly normal, and the symptoms should decrease over time as you get used to them. If you’re experiencing persistent difficulty, contact us as your denture may need adjustments.  


Star28 Dental Clinic wants to help you with your journey back to a perfect smile. We offer a range of different restorative procedures. Call us now at (714) 523-2828 to discover which is best for you.