Multiple Tooth Implant

Multiple Tooth Implant

When multiple teeth are impacted or missing, it can be very unsettling and damaging to a patient’s confidence. But Star28 Dental Clinic is always there to help; when multiple teeth are missing, especially in a row, there is plenty that can be done to amend your smile. Multiple tooth implants are a cost-effective and time-efficient way to replace several teeth in a row.

X-ray of a multiple tooth implant.

X-ray view of multiple tooth implant.


Multiple tooth implants involve the inserting of one or more titanium implants, that act as roots, in order to fit a bridge of teeth into the dental arch.  



Tooth implants are not only beneficial for cosmetic and confidence reasons, but they also benefit the oral cavity structurally and hygienically. 


Multiple teeth implants will prevent the movement of other teeth into the gaps that have been made by missing teeth. Tooth movement can lead to changes in jaw placement, and make it more difficult to clean your teeth. Implants also aid the strength of the mouth, and relieve pressure off other teeth when chewing, meaning they will grind down less over time.


Having multiple teeth implants, particularly when the cause is rot or decay, can be the restorative procedure that removes oral complications from the mouth, and saves your dental health. When removing rotting teeth, and replacing them with implants, you’ll prevent any further complications associated with the infections, such as loose teeth, gum recession and bone loss. Implants are a chance to eradicate your mouth of problems and start your oral hygiene afresh.  



The procedure is very similar to that of a single tooth implant, with an initial appointment, checking your oral hygiene, and assessing the viability of the implants. Our dentist will be able to tell you how long the entire process will take, as multiple appointments will be needed. The location of the missing teeth, your medical history, and the condition of your dental health will impact how long each procedure will take. 


Over multiple appointments, our dentists will do the following. They will first drill into the upper or lower jaw and insert the implants. If the bone is not strong enough, a bone graft will be needed prior to this procedure. The implants will take 2 to 6 months to fuse with the surrounding bone, upper jaw implants usually take longer to fuse, as the jaw is not as dense. 


The abutment, the connector between the implant and crown will be placed in the next appointment. The dentist will need to make incisions if the gum has healed over the implants. It is possible to have the abutments and crowns placed in the same appointment, our dentists will be able to tell you if this is suitable for your case. 


Temporary crowns will be fitted until the actual crowns can be placed. Prior to the appointment, one of our dentists will take a mold of your mouth, so a dental lab can make precise, custom-made crowns to fit snugly in your mouth. 


Star28 Dental Clinic offers multiple teeth implants and can accommodate the timing of the appointments as best we can to your needs. If possible, we will place two procedures into one appointment, to try and condense the time taken for the implant. Thinking of getting implants? Book your consultation appointment now by calling (714) 523-2828.